Sun and Moon

There was once a young girl, a pretty, young girl with long hair tinted with gold. The young girl was very polite with her manners, greeting every man, woman, and child she saw with a bright smile. As she grew from a young girl into a blossoming young woman, her hair grew more golden, eventually shimmering in even the dimmest of light. She soon became known throughout the town as “The Woman Who Smiles like the Sun.” People from all over the country came to the town just to compare her hair and smile to such natural beauties.

“I hope you have a lovely day.” The young woman happily greeted and welcomed everybody who came just to visit her. She never refused a chance to enlighten somebody’s day with genuine happiness. She would even assist local shop owners by suggesting incoming visitors to take small trips to see their wares before returning home. Everybody who saw her returned home with a smile. However, there was one person who wanted more than just a smile from the woman; something much more precious.

One day, a passerby entered the town. The passerby carefully cloaked themselves in a hooded robe that reached down to the ground. As they wandered the town under moonlight, they saw a faint, golden light approaching them from down the road. Curiosity rising, the passerby quickly rushed towards the light, only to bump into the young woman by accident.

“Excuse me. Are you alright?” The young woman asked if the passerby was alright. When the young woman extended her hand to help the person up, she froze up when she saw their appearance.

The hood protecting the passerby’s face has fallen off and their robe wide open, exposing their clothes. Short hair reaching to her shoulders that gleamed of silver in the open moonlight and a hand-stitched, elegant black and white dress with frills hiding the seams. An ivory skinned, young maiden in black bumped into the young woman.

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, the young maiden brushed off the dirt on her sleeves and reached out to the young girl’s hand. When she look up, she saw a golden hue coming from behind her.

The young woman’s hair reached down to her waist, making it seem like she was encased in a golden shell from the outside world. She proudly wore a simple white dress that cut off just about her ankles and stuck to her slender arms.

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