Sun and Moon

When they grabbed each others’ hand, a sudden sense of electricity filled their bodies. Eyes locked, they both could feel their cheeks beginning to tingle with a gentle heat and their hearts racing in their chests. The young woman tried to give off an apologetic smile, but couldn’t for some reason; it was as if she was nervous to smile in front of such a beautiful maiden in black. However, the young maiden’s nervous was obvious as well; her cold hands were trembling in the pleasant and warm grasp of the young woman.

Even though the young maiden was still on the ground, she couldn’t help but keep her eyes on the young woman in front of her. Feeling as if she would lose herself in the gaze, the young maiden forced herself to break eye contact before getting back to her feet.

“A-Are you okay?” The young girl’s words stuttered as she spoke.

The young maiden kept her eyes away as she replied. “I-I-I’m just fine.” Her eyes quickly darted around, looking at the ground for her robe. Within reach, she quickly snatched it up and threw it on her to hide again. She tried to take one more glance at the young woman, but she suddenly found herself running past her in embarrassment. “E-Excuse me for my sudden departure!”

Running with the nighttime breeze, the young maiden in black dashed past the young woman, her footsteps kicking up pebbles and dirt. The young woman tried to reach out to the maiden, but she wasn’t fast enough. She pulled her hand back and looks at where the maiden fell. Covered in a light layer of dirt, she picked up a small, metallic emblem in the shape of a lion’s mane. When she looks at it, her eyes widen and light up in the moonlight.

“Was that a princess?!”

— via Daily Prompt:Nervous

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