Woman in the Mirror (Part 3)

Please, help me! You can’t leave to die like this!

This wasn’t part of the study! You said that there would be mild pain and headaches at most!

I feel like I’m being burnt alive from the inside out! Please, do something!

All of their words replay over and over in my head, their screams and cries of pain and agony ringing clear. The faint whiff of blood splatter fills my nose and sends me back to every moment I’ve spent watching those people from behind reinforced glass. I’ve gone through dozens of people, and none of them produced me worthy results, nothing but failures. Hopefully, this one I have stowed away at the moment will give me something new.

The room is brightly lit from hanging chandeliers on the ceiling; with the design of the room, anybody would be confused when they walk into the room. Easily the size of a single floor hotel suite reserved for only the highest paying guest. Porcelain white tiles cover the entire floor. Numerous tables are spread out all over the place, many of them containing various liquids and testing equipment. In the very center of the room is a large desk with a chair behind it. Just in front of it is a massive computer set up with a large screen monitor the size of a wall in front of it.

Yuuka’s taken her place at the computer while I simply observe from the desk. The monitor remains black, but there are small potions of the monitor full of light and color, each one displaying a different type of information.

\\\\\“Yes, Ma’am.”

The massive monitor in front flickers on, showing a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. Each room is nothing but a stone and cement cell room locked behind thick steel doors. Every room remains empty except for one; a man dressed in formal business attire woefully sits on the edge of a bed, looking around the room.

From our end, we can hear every sound the man makes, from his silent breathing, to the sound of his beating heart. Following directions, Yuuka inputs a command on the console in front of her and the door to the man’s cell slowly opens. Seeing his chance at freedom, he does exactly what I was hoping for.

Bait the creature out.

Storming through the door, the man escapes from his cell and starts sprinting around the labyrinth looking for some kind of exit point.

I can feel the cynical grin of mine creeping up on my face, “Let the trail begin. Lead him to the first room.

Yuuka nods, “You got it.”

Following behind Yuuka’s keystrokes, the map on the monitor begins to transform, opening and closing specific walls within the labyrinth. The man quickly picks up on his changing environment and follows.

So far, so good. It seems he still hasn’t been fully consumed by the virus. That shouldn’t last for long. Get it riled up enough and then he’ll crack.

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