Woman in the Mirror (Part 3)

Watching a man try to escape with his life in my little maze brings me nothing but pure joy to me. Not only am I conducting an experiment, just watching it all unfold is entertaining. And as it all continues, it only gets better and more intense.

“The subject is approaching the first check marker. What would you like me to do, Ms. Tanamura?”

“Let’s begin to break him. Lock him in and start the floor trap.”

Along the panel, there’s a small, red button encased behind a glass paneling. Yuuka lifts it up and presses it.

As the man enters the next room, a wall quickly slides out and blocks his path, preventing him from going back. On the other side of the room is another door, but it’s has an iron padlock preventing him from going forward. No matter how hard he tries, the door won’t budge; he even tries to pull the lock off, but no luck. After a few minutes of struggling, he backs away from the door to take a moment to catch his breath.

Let’s begin.

Just like I how planned for this to go, on the other side of the room, pillars of a gas I designed start pouring out from the floor. Unknown to him, that gas is a deadly nerve agent that quickly sends the human body into a dangerous state of paralysis, eventually causing total organ shutdown. All he can see is an approaching cloud of green smoke getting closer and closer; he starts going into a panic just like I wanted.

As I’m watching the man go back to struggling to force the door open, this is the time where one of the signs of genetic mutation begins: superhuman strength.

With the gas just behind him, the man tries one last time to pull that door in, completely ignoring the lock. Next thing he knows, the door goes flying open and he somehow manages to toss it behind him like it’s a piece of paper.

“Subject’s natural strength has increased by three hundred percent and increasing,” Yuuka informs me. “At this rate, he’ll reach his maximum potential in roughly an hour without anymore pressure on him.”

I cross my arms and focus on his vital signs presented on the monitor, “We’re being gentle on him.” After taking a moment to get a full grasp of his vitals, I get up from my seat and walk over to the monitor, putting my hand on Yuuka’s shoulder, “Bring him to the brink of death.”

I can hear the hesitation and doubt in Yuuka’s voice, “A-Are you sure? His strength has just reached four hundred percent. And it’s quickly about to reach five hundred.”

I give out a small chuckle before walking away from the monitor, “You do remember what happened last time, right? Nobody can be worse than I am.”

I can feel myself getting a bit cocky and arrogant, but with the way I am, I know I can be that way without any consequences; I know what I’m capable of doing.

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