On-Call Sharp Shooter (Part 1)

I let out a small sigh and lay back, “How long have I been waiting here? Don’t these guys know that I have much better things I could doing right now?” I look at my wristwatch and groan: it reads 10:23PM.

I’ve been on this damn rooftop for over an hour waiting for this damn guy to show up. I’m thinking that this was suppose to be a quick twenty minute gig based off of the info my superiors gave me. I swear, when I get back to HQ, I’m going right into Resources and I’m punching whoever I see first for making me wait so damn long.

I grab onto the butt of the mounted rifle in front of me and pull myself back up. Detaching the scope for just a moment I walk up to the edge of the roof and use it to look down at the busy streets below. It’s the usual Friday night crowds: women wrapped around the arms of men, co-workers wandering around either drunk or heading to a place to get drunk, and just the daily people who live in the area. There’s a few tourist who stick out like sore thumbs constantly stopping ever few steps to take a photo of something they’ve never seen.

I adjust the scope a bit to zoom in on a blonde-haired female tourist. Her shirt reads “I Heart Nihon” all in bold Japane se characters. Her entire left arm is covered in armbands and ties from various anime series. In every photo she stops to take, she’s always making the same one-legged finger-heart shape.

“I bet she has no idea what series each of those bands are from. She probably just bought them because they look ‘kawaii’ or ‘sugoi.’” Bored with the tourist, I look towards one of the curbs of street and notice a stunningly beautiful woman dressed head to toe in a red and black theme. Her hair is pulled into a tight side ponytail that helps keep the young look in her face. The crimson red dress she’s wearing sways side to side with every step, showing off her slender, freshly shaven legs. And she pulls it all together with a pair of black stilettos that makes her ass stick out a lot more.

I chuckle a bit and shake my head, “I’ll feel disappointed for whoever gets to undress her when they realize she doesn’t have anything in the trunk. She’s got a nice rack to make up for it though, so I’ll give her that.”

I take a few more seconds to look at the beauty in red before I lightly lob the scope back next to the rifle. Behind my ear, I can feel the small earpiece rubbing against my ear lobe. I feel around the wire and notice that the switch to turn on the microphone channels has been lowered, “No wonder it’s been quiet.” Flipping the switch back on, my ear get assaulted by loud chattering and I quickly turn it back off before I go deaf. To prevent that from happening, I remove it from my ear and clip it to the edge of my white button-up shirt. I turn it back on and can clearly hear all of the chattering going on in the streets.

Starting to get tired from boredom, I turn to walk away from the edge and go int the small plastic bag I brought with me. The entire bag is frozen stiff from the large amounts of ice I put inside it to keep its contents cold. Blindly, I stick my hand in the bag and feel around until I can get a grip on what I was searching for.

“Sweet, I still got one left.”

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