On-Call Sharp Shooter (Part 1)

Ice cold beer in hand, I waste no time pulling the tab open a taking a long swig from it. With nothing better to do, I start to dismount the rifle from its stand and strap it around my shoulder, listening to the people talking as if it’s a radio. Another fifteen minutes go by without anything happening except for me finishing my beer, another boring assassination on a Friday night. Definitely not the way I want to start the weekend. I end up cracking open another beer and sitting on the edge of the room.

Though the large amount of normal talking about jobs, life, and marriage issues coming through on the earpiece, I manage to catch a few bits and pieces about things that sound slightly interesting. Apparently, there’s a man running around town trying to break into the homes of single women and stealing their items, mostly their panties and bras.

I take a swig of my beer, “If I ever caught that dumbass going through my stuff, he’s dead.”

As I’m focusing on the speaking from the wire, a familiar name pops up in a conversation, “– and that’s what happened at the meeting today, Mr. Sanada.”

Mr Sanada. Full name Takeo Sanada, he’s my target for the night. Known throughout the country as “Head Chief Sanada,” Takeo is a well-known police chief hell bend on making the streets of the city to be the safest in the world. A few times, he orchestrated the downfall of a few underground drug raids and chains. However, my work found out that he was hiring a local street gang to do the jobs he wouldn’t dare risk his status doing, mostly the murders of other gang members.

With my rifle strapped around me, I take a crouching spot at the edge of the roof and start looking around through the scope on the rifle. Since Takeo’s aged, I need to be spotting the top of his bald head, “Where are you…?”

Slowly scanning up and down the street, looking from person to person, I search through the entire crowd for a shining object in the light. Lo-and-behold, while standing in front of a bright red neon sign, I see a middle aged man dressed in a nice black suit with a shiny, bald head giving me a small glare on my scope. “There you are, you bastard.”

Mr. Takeo Sanada, perfectly lined up with my sights, is looking like easy prey from up here. I don’t recognize the man walking besides him, but that honestly doesn’t matter. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I’ll get bonus pay for killing that guy too? Then again, he’s not noted on the contact, so I probably wouldn’t benefit from shooting him.

Steadying my aim and finger on the trigger, I wait for the perfect moment to fulfill the contact of the night. In the meantime, I keep listening to the conversation Takeo is having with the man next to him.

“Last week, we successfully shut down another small base of operations for an upcoming gang. These streets are getting safer and safer by the day. Soon, not a single gang member will be hidden among these streets, just waiting to commit some kind of crime.”

“I heard that a different gang recently received a large shipment of supplies from a black market supplier. Do you think the force will be able to shut that down soon too?”

Full of pride, Takeo crosses his arms and gives a slight nod, “While I’m on the job, anything will be done to make sure any criminal activities are brought to an end for the citizens of this city and the nation.”

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