Awaiting Enemy

Silent like the passing wind. Motionless as still water. Strong like the mountain. I shall capture this blight of my tranquil sanctuary.

This fight has been drawn out by my enemy for the last hour. Ever since they managed to sneak through the window, my agile enemy has been staying out of sight. As fast as they may be, I will still be victorious in my endeavor; my speed has been rapidly improving over the last few months of my training. I suppose I should thank my enemy for giving me a chance to see that training put to use.

Sightless, I patiently await for my enemy to approach. Preparing myself, I open the palm of my hand and let it rest on my lap.

My enemy is here…

A rapid breeze passes back and forth across my face, even circling around my head. The faint sound of flapping wings and buzzing ring loud in the silence. Even as this annoyance makes itself known, I do not act until the moment is right. My enemy continues to circle around my head, until…


In one fluid movement, my hand rises up and grips at the air in front of me, keeping my fist clenched. I can feel something moving sporadically against the palm of my hand as if it’s trying to escape from a prison cell. To bring this enemy to an end, I press it down with one of my fingers and crush it.

“I finally caught you, you damn fly.”

— via Daily Prompt: Anticipate

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