Spooktober – Hand of Darkness (Part Two)

Blood somehow rained down on his hand. However, there’s one thing that confused the officer. How could it have landed on his hand if there’s nothing above him except the open sky? At least, he thought that there was nothing above him…

Ignoring the sudden sight of blood on his hand, the officer reaches for the key again, bringing his attention back to rescuing the woman. Right as he’s going to pick up the key, the sound of a woman chuckling fills the alleyway. Thinking it’s the woman on the wall, the officer quickly looks back to see if it was her, but she let her head hang down from a lack of strength. Still, the officer calls out to her.

“Ma’am, was that you?”

She doesn’t respond. Hesitant, the officer goes to ask again, but another woman’s chuckling interrupts him, this time much louder and a bit sinister in tone.

There’s somebody else still here, the officer begins to think. Shrouded in darkness he can feel another person in the alleyway, but can’t figure out where they are. Regardless, if there’s another person here, he thought that they would most likely be the culprit behind all this.

On edge, he takes out of standard issue pistol given to the city’s police unit and rests a finger on the trigger, holding the flashlight under it, “Whoever you are, show yourself and you won’t be harmed. Come out with your hands up and this will all end peacefully.”

The voice replies, “With pleasure. I’ll put my hands up.”

Even though he arrived onto a bloody scene, the officer still wants everything to end peacefully without anymore injuries. He carefully watches over the areas after hearing the womanly voice comply with his orders; he aims his gun just in case she tries something. A full minute of silence passes with nobody new showing themselves. However, right before he takes a step to begin searching the alleyway again, something grips him by his ankles, locking him in place.

He looks down and sees a pair of colorless, slender hands wrapped around his ankles, violet painted nails ready to pierce through. “W-What the hell? How did these manage to grab me? And how are they coming out of the ground?”

When he tries to take a step every fingernail on each hand jets through his ankle like a needle going into a patient’s arm. Striking directly on the nerves, the officer yells out in agony as he drops to the ground; the flashlight and gun go flying out his hand and sliding across the ground, stopping in front of the chained woman.

Hearing the sudden cries of a grown man and seeing a gun slide right in front of her sends a horrifyingly cold chill down her spine and branching out to the rest of her injured body. The echos of bones snapping and cracking soon follow behind. She thought that the officer was suppose to come here to rescue her, to break her out of the cold chains that bound her to this nightmare. She didn’t think that he would become another innocent victim. As the officer’s cries grow louder and louder, a splat of blood goes across the alley and landing across the flashlight, turning its light from a bright white to a red. The light’s beam is aimed towards the officer and whatever that had him bound in place, but the chained woman didn’t want to try and even look up. She knows that if she looks up, the only thing she’ll see will be a man being tortured.

“Look up at him.”

The womanly voice begins to speak again, this time as whispers in the chained woman’s ear. Her seductive voice mimics that of a mother’s soothing tone when singing a young child to sleep: slow, clear, and calming. However, for her victim, the voice only adds an extra layer of unknown fear. Throughout this entire ordeal, nobody has been able to see what this woman looks like, how she’s able to capture two people by herself, nor why she’s even doing this in the first place. All they were able to figure out about the woman was her crimson red glowing eyes, colorless skin tone, and razor-sharp violet nails.

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