Spooktober – Hand of Darkness (Part Two)

The chained woman begins to breakout into a cold sweat as her heartbeat rushes blood through her body from fear. She didn’t want to endure any more suffering from disobeying a command, but she could barely lift her head anymore.

The seductive voice says again, “Look up at him.”

I’m going to die if I don’t lift my head, the chained woman begins thinking. It’s such a simple request, but it may easily be the reason why she dies. The building pain from lifting her head is too much for her to endure, making her cry when she finally stops.

The voice lets out a groan before saying, “I’m getting tired of you.”

Just a moment later the chained woman feels something crawling across the top of her head. Its slow movements and feels like that of a spider creeping up on its prey. When it finally reaches the center of her head, it seems to lock up around a chunk of her hair and forces her head against the wall. Hanging over the edge of her hair line is finger waving back and forth. It points straight and the woman’s eyes follows.

Through the tears flooding her eyes, she can barely make out the scene in front of her. All she can see is the dark glittering shine from the officer’s badge on the floor. However, noticing that alone is a problem in itself: why is the badge on the floor and not pinned to the officer?

Even though she was forced to see what had happened, the chained woman saw the tears blocking her view as a privacy screen, preventing her from having a clear view. The only thing that’s still clear to her is the officer’s cries of pain and agony.

“Please, stop! I can’t take this anymore! You’re not going to spare my life, just end it right now!” The officer pleas for his suffering and torture to end. The feeling in his legs is gone. So is his will to survive.

The voice gives a little chuckle, “Oh? Are you really begging me to kill you now?”

“Yes, please! I just want this pain to end!”

“I love it when I get to hear the cries and suffering of those who ask for their death. It’s so… invigorating!”

This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening, is replaying over and over in the chained woman’s rushing mind. She can’t imagine what she’s done in her life that would force her to endure such cruel torment and suffering. She’s lived a simple life, never got into trouble, and always wanted the best for those she loved and cared about. And now, when she’s in desperate need for somebody to come rescue her, an officer is about to die in front of her watery eyes.

Her clouded vision only lets her make out the faint silhouette of the officer’s body somehow rising up off of the ground, his screams of pain and agony continuing. The womanly voice starts mumbling something, but it’s barely audible from the yelling. In just a matter of a second, the silhouette splits into two parts, each one falling back to the ground on its own.

“It seems like he just couldn’t deal with living like this. Do you remember what I said before he decided to barge in on our business?”

Out from the shadows of the alleyway emerges a slender hand, reaching out and grabbing the chained woman by her throat. A pair of crimson red eyes opens in the darkness, “His death was all because of you. However, I must thank you for giving me another victim. In order to repay you,” a grim smile appears below the red eyes, “I’ll make your death painless and quick since you’ve already endured so much. It’s the least I can do.”

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