Spooktober – Drive-by Slasher

“I could have sworn that I left it right here.” 

Daniel looked around on his side of the car, the driver’s side. Taking a few steps back to make sure he didn’t overlook anything, he focused on the ground around the car door and the front tires, “C’mon, where the hell did I put that bag? I’m sure I grabbed off of the counter before I left.” 

Daniel had just finished doing some after work grocery shopping. Even though he went in with a clear mind and a set list of things to buy, which only would have been no more than one full shopping bag, he fell victim to another week of great deals and promotions, turning his finishing bag total to a staggering six bags. Daniel is a happy single man, living his mid-twenties with a lot of focus on furthering his career and just enjoying life. However, he just couldn’t help passing up on a “Buy One, Get One” deal on various snacks and laundry supplies. 

As he scanned the pavement around his car, he came to the conclusion that the last bag he needed was neither near him nor the car. Perhaps, when he was waiting on the checkout line her completely forgot to grab one more bag before leaving the store. Regardless, he decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go back to the grocery store to see if he did happen to leave a lone bag behind. 

As he took a step forward, he ended up losing his footing from the lopsided weight of the bags in his hands and tumbled to the ground; his fruits, veggies, various household items went flying out from the bags and quickly scattered across the parking lot. 

Thankfully, Daniel managed to catch himself before his face made contact with the ground. The cold, hard cement ground would have made easy work of his tanned skin and would leave a few marks on his face, “Damn, that was close. Almost lost this pretty face of mine.” 

Shaking off his near encounter, he pushed himself up and onto his knees, brushing off the dirt from his hands. Just some redness and tenderness took over the palm of his hands. He looked up at the escaping groceries and let out a loud groan, his frustration obvious on his face. 

When he tried to get up off of his knees, it seemed a bit more difficult to try and get a firm stance on his feet. In fact, the feeling in his feet seemed to be much more different than usual. All day, he wore the same pair of black and gray dress shoes he’s worn ever since starting his job last year. The shoes were just his size, fitting a nice even 10 in men’s with just a bit of space at the front for his toes to move freely around. He could even remember the soft, cloud-like feeling of his white socks he put on this morning when he got dressed. However, all he could do at this every moment was remember that feeling. He couldn’t feel anything in his feet. 

Where that cloud sensation should be was replaced by an hard, uneven surface. It’s as if he’d decided to suddenly to barefoot on in the parking lot, feeling all of the little pebbles, gravel, and concrete pressing right into the bottom of his feet. He even tried to wiggle his toes, but zero out of ten of them gave any sensation back. 

When he was finally able to get back on his feet, at least in his mind, he looked down to see if perhaps he had tied his laces too tight and it’s messing with his circulation, “I do remember making them a bit tight the morning. It help though when I had to run for the bus. Didn’t have to worry about them accidentally flying off.”

When he looked down his eyes locked into the ground for a moment, trying to analyze and process the very image they were picking up. He saw the parking lot ground, but it was somehow coated in a dark red directly beneath him; he realized that the dark red color filling in the cracks of the ground was actually coming from him. 

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