Spooktober – Drive-by Slasher

What the hell, Daniel silently thought. How the hell could something red be coming from him? He didn’t have a broken red pen in his pockets and he didn’t possibly have any extra ketchup packets that could have popped. However, it only took a few more seconds for him to realize why red was flowing from under him. His body was too engulfed with fear.

Daniel’s breathing picked up intensely. He started to lose his senses; the only thing was able to hear was his deep breathing like he was locked in an isolation booth. His body began to drench itself in a cold sweat, his hands constantly wiping off the dripping sweat off of his forehead. What he saw was perfectly clear to him, but he still couldn’t understand how it happened or how come he didn’t feel it happen. He slowly leaned down and dragged is fingers across the red stained ground.

My… My foot… What happened to my foot? It’s gone!”

Daniel kept patting the ground where his foot should be. However, forced to crouch down on the flat stubs where his ankles met with the rest of his legs, he barely could keep himself still. He kept rocking side to side. Unable to stand any longer he gives up and allowed his body to tip over, his face landing in the pool of red, his blood dripping out from where his foot once was.

Over and over, he kept rubbing his hands on blood stained ground to make sure that his eyes weren’t deceiving him, but the pungent smell of iron only added to the realization, “What the hell happened to my foot?! All I did was trip!”

Aside from the mysterious and sudden removal of his foot, Daniel struggled with why he didn’t, and still couldn’t feel any pain from his missing body part. Anybody would easily cry out in agony, but Daniel only screamed with confusion and shock. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the missing foot. Until he heard something scrapping along the ground.

Sharp metal scratching along the ground rung nearby. It was as if somebody was using a large cleaver and was trying to practice their butchering skills on stone. Daniel figured that the sound must have been the cause as to why he’s in this predicament, so he managed to shift himself around to see where it was coming from.

When he turned around, he ended up facing his car, being able to see right underneath the body of it. Patiently waiting underneath is some kind of small creature, resembling a weasel: a long, small body coated in a black fur with a white strip on its underside. Its small eyes were wide open, looking directly at Daniel, and ears perked up. The front claws were drawn and had an unnatural shimmer to them. Just on the tips of them was something red dripping off.

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