Wine Shop of Horror

“Well, could you recommend a good wine from any country that would go good with steak?”

“No. I’ll have to get sales over for recommendations, if you’d like.”

Without waiting for me to give an answer, the girl climbed onto her feet and stretched, her arms and legs cracking. She slowly walked past me to leave the aisle, most likely going to get somebody to speak to me.

I let out a small sigh and shake my head. I focused on the bottle in my hand again and said in a mumbled breath, “You’re probably the most useless person working here.”

Here’s a customer, trying to just buy a nice bottle of wine for his dinner, and I can’t even get a competent store employee help me find the right one. Me coming into this shop was suppose to be a quick side detour, taking no more than two minutes. I’ve been here for at least five and I’m just about ready to leave with no wine in hand. However, dinner wouldn’t be complete without a nice glass in hand. I’m better off just going to the register counter to buy this “Donnatello” and take a shot in the dark to hope that it goes well.

Decision made, I started to make my way out of the Italian aisle, but I had to stop when I see the girl blocking the exit. She had her head hanging forward facing me.

“Excuse me,” I said, “I want to go buy this. Please move.”

The girl doesn’t respond nor does she move out of the way. She changed her view from the ground to at me. Her eyes had a faint purple glow to them like some kind of mystical entity has taken over. The way she stared at me with a distasteful grin shot a chilling touch along my spine.

“You think I’m useless, huh?” she questioned me.

I honestly didn’t think she would hear me say that. I thought my voice was low enough that she wouldn’t catch it.

It was in my best interest to try and calm the situation before it escalated too far. I returned the bottle that was in my hand and focus on the girl, “Hey, hey, listen. You misheard me. I didn’t say anything like that.”

The girl’s stare got colder; they narrowed and her eyes seemed to get darker. Aside from that, her entire presence started to get darker. The ends of her hair started flowing and swaying around her waist in every direction. On top of that, the air in the store felt like it dropped a few degrees, but I shrugged it off considering that it was a wine shop.

I’ll admit, her attempt at trying to scare me off was quite bold, but it’s nowhere near as terrifying as how they appear in masterfully crafted horror movies. I quickly shook off the whole charade and asked her to step out of the way so I could leave. I tried to get past her, but she stuck her arm out and blocked me.

“Excuse me,” I said while trying to be polite.

The girl pushed me back with a great amount of force with just one hand, “Fuck you.”

Thankfully I managed to keep my balance. After that, I couldn’t contain my anger, “What did you say? Nobody treats a customer like this. Where your manager? I want to make a complaint about how rude and useless you’ve been this entire time.”

“You’re not going to see the manager anytime soon.”

“Are you trying to threaten me?”

“That wasn’t a threat. It was a warning.”

The girl began taking steps towards me. Her hair started moving much faster around her and a bright violet hue engulfed her right eye. Everything around her started vanishing behind a black wall that rose up around her. With every step she took, the same black wall would reach towards me.

Everything that started happening like it was the beginning of some kind of horror movie. I instinctively started backing away, screaming at her not to come any closer. Goosebumps filled every inch of my skin like a skin-tight jumpsuit, my blood ran ice cold throughout my body, and my hands went clammy, barely to keep a grip of anything. I reached out and grabbed a magnum sized wine bottle off of the display shelf but it quickly slipped from my grip, rolled along the ground and stopped in front of the girl. That’s when I realized just how close she was. When I looked back up, that’s when I saw something that would never escape the walls of my mind: Her demonic, fang covered grin…

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