Wine Shop of Horror

“Oh? You dropped your wine.” The girl hid her sinister smile behind a joyful chuckle. She crouched down and picked up the bottle by its neck, examining the label, “‘Sir Il Colle. 1988 vintage from Barolo.’ I’ve heard from customers that this was a good year for Italian wines.” She took one more look at the bottle before looking at me again.

She was just a few steps away, no more than a small hop of space between us. She gave me another grin, the violet around her eye growing larger. My instincts was telling me that she was planning something, but I just couldn’t figure out what. My heart kicked into overdrive and wanted to escape from my rib cage before anything happened. Even if it was possible, my heart wouldn’t have anywhere to run; the black walls that followed the girl fully surrounded us, sealing is from the rest of the shop. I tried to call out for help, but nobody ever arrived.

I was so focused on looking for a way out that I never realized when the girl lunged at me, “Why don’t you give this a try?!”

… Next thing I knew, something heavy came flying at me and crashed against the top of my head. It wasn’t even a second later before I started to lose consciousnesses. Before I was engulfed by the approaching darkness the only sound that rang through my ears was the girl hysterical laughter…

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