Music, Drinks, and Kisses [18+]

She gave me this smug smile as she started massaging my breasts, moving them in smooth, slow circles. Every few seconds she would flick a finger over my nipples, just making them harder and my moans a bit heavier. She said that having breasts as big as mine, she’ll have to be a bit forceful if I’m to feel anything. I didn’t tell her that I was naturally sensitive, but her forcefulness and soft aggression was the just right to get me going. I decided to match it by flipping up her skirt and giving her a nice, open palm smack across her ass. The sudden surprise made her gasp, but she let out a chuckle afterwards. With our hands exploring each others’ bodies, we knew things were just going to get louder from here.

We could hear the blasting hip-hop and rap music coming from the other side of the bathroom door, but we pressed our lips together to try and keep ourselves quiet. Our breaths mixed, each of us having the scent of different mixed drinks and beer lingering, our moans masking out, but we were fully aware of what we were doing. Neither of us had regrets, had no obligations, didn’t worry about the outside world. For now, we were just two girls having fun for the night.

Our little hands grab sessions was short-lived, just a couple minutes. Throughout this entire thing, we were just playing off of the motions the other was doing. But that quickly changed when Emilia broke our kiss and started using the tip of her tongue instead of her hands.

Wherever her hands explored, her slippery tongue followed; she started from right around my neck and used my chest as a road map leading her between my breasts. The way she swirled my nipple around in her mouth was as if she was trying to suck an entire lollipop straight off stick in one piece. I couldn’t help but let the waves of pleasure flow through me. She eventually went further down my body and stopped at my naval, giving it a light pucker with her lips. By this point, she’s on her knees in front of me while I rest back against the water tank of the toilet.

She looked up at with a smirk, her lips still moist from just a moment ago. She tugged on the belt to my jeans and asked, “Can I see what you’ve got going on down there?”

Up until that moment, I didn’t care what part of my body she saw. She could have seen my bare back, the small birthmark on my hip, or even my stiff nipples, but having her even peek into what awaited “down below” just made me feel both lust and embarrassment. When I looked at her face, she licked her lips and gave me a wink to top it off. She couldn’t wait for me to drop my jeans.

I managed to build up just a bit of courage and raised my hips, taking off my belt and pulling my jeans down to my ankles. I couldn’t help but tense, keeping my legs together to hide my boring, pink panties.

I had a feeling that Emilia was able to pick up on my emotions; she leaned on my legs and gently stroked my inner thigh when she asked, “Is this your first time being with a girl?”

“This is my first time overall…”

Emilia’s eyed widened when I said that, “Oh really? Looks like I’ll be able to set the standard high then. I’ll make sure to take extra care.”

“Extra care of what?”

“Making you cum as hard as possible. Spread em’, Claire.”

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