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Just a Bump of Fun [18+]

*Reader Discretion Advised. The following erotica contains the following kinks & fetishes. If you are uncomfortable with any of them, do not read. Pregnant. Futanari/Futa. Lactation/Breast milk.*

I never would have imagined that I had a pregnancy kink. I absolutely loathe children and their sticky, snotty, gross ways. And yet, here I was, seven months along, and trying not to smile whenever I looked at how large my belly was getting. Maybe it was because my futanari wife fucked my brains out and convinced me, maybe it was because I loved the way my body was reacting to being pregnant. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but I was certain about one thing.

Being pregnant and the thought of being motherly got me horny beyond belief.

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My Young One (Part Twelve) [18+]

It’s been some time since I’ve first met Anna, since she first came up to me at the bus stop. Naturally I was hesitant about her wanting to help me out; I still consider what would have happened if I never got into her car to drive me to school. The general rule is to never get into a car with somebody you don’t know. But there was something about Anna that pulled me in…

Just from looking at her outward appearance, I instantly knew she lived a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. From sitting in the passenger seat of her luxury-grade car, having a private outdoors dining table at the Italian restaurant, and seeing the number out designer outfits she wears for casual outings, Anna is a woman who already has everything in the world she could possibly want. And if she didn’t, she knew how to get it.

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My Young One (Part Eleven) [18+]

“W-When you said you wanted to show me the bedroom, I-I wasn’t expecting this!”

“You knew exactly what was going to happen when I invited you to my apartment.” Anna crawled up the bed, quickly trapping me under her. My entire body wanted to tremble, but I tried my best to try and hide my shivers; whether they were from being nervous, embarrassed or even excited, I couldn’t tell. All I could do was watch as Anna slowly got closer and closer to me.

Reaching over and grabbing me by my wrists, Anna hovered over me, our faces only inches apart. We looked at one another, nobody trying to break eye contact. Her grip on me got tighter as she slowly came down and pressed her chest on top of mine.

She smirked, “Don’t play dumb, hun.”

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My Young One (Part Ten) [18+]

I counted the ding of each passing floor as we rode the elevator up to Anna’s apartment. With each passing chime my heart started to beat harder and faster, almost expecting some kind of high intense sports training. I mean, part of me expected something to happen, but I wasn’t exactly sure what.

I was sure going to Anna’s apartment would fix that.

One final chime, and the elevator came to a calm stop.

“Top floor, my apartment,” Anna proudly announced. As she unlocked the door, she looked at me and smiled, “Make yourself at home.”

“I’ll make sure to do that,” I blurted out. I couldn’t help but gasp and cover my mouth when I realized what I said, looking at Anna for reassurance. She chuckled and opened the door, guiding me through everything.

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My Young One (Part Nine) [18+]

I sat in silence as Anna placed her order with our personal server, not having to take a glance at her menu. I read over mine, completely unsure of what I was looking for. I’ve never had authentic Italian food before, all I’ve had was canned stuff that was cheap at the grocery store.

“And for you, Signorina?”

I hid behind my menu, acting as if I was intently looking over it as the server called out to me. He called out to me again, and I felt myself slowly sliding down my chair.

I’m so far out of my league here. I don’t even know what to order.

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My Young One (Part Eight) [18+]

“I-I’m here for a two-person reservation. I think the other person is here already, a Miss Polakoff?”

“Ahh, you’re the friend Anna mentioned earlier. She’s waiting for you. Please follow me.”

Grabbing a menu beforehand, the hostess smiled and escorted me through the quiet, empty restaurant. After having only a quick walk through the place, I noticed the exact angles and descriptions from the online reviews and pictures; it was the physical embodiment of a romantic Italian getaway. And I sure as hell didn’t fit in.

Walking past a number of tables, the hostess brought me to the back of the restaurant, stopping in front of a set of closed, large blue velvet curtains. She stepped to the side and pulled on a long hanging rope, slowly opening them. I had to quickly cover my eyes when a bright light came from behind the curtains.

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My Young One (Part Seven) [18+]

This was the first real time I was meeting with Miss Polakoff outside of our morning car rides together. I was actually surprised when she openly invited me to her most favorite Italian restaurant in the entire city. Who would have thought that simple car rides would eventually lead me into having somebody inviting me out to some fancy restaurant?

When she told me the name of the place I looked it up, and instantly felt like I didn’t belong there, long before actually setting foot inside. The restaurant was covered in elegant, white drapers that reached the floor from the ceiling. All of the servers were dressed in pristine suits and dresses. The entire mood felt like a romantic getaway to Italy. Just from looking at the pictures submitted online by people who left constant five-star reviews, I could already tell that I was going to be the odd one out.

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My Young One (Part Six) [18+]

It’s been a nice couple of days after my first meeting with Arianna. Having driven her to class a few times this week has helped me learn a bit more about her. Even though the car rides last only mere minutes, I found myself growing more attached to her with every passing day.

It’s nice being able to have a chat with somebody outside of my normal circle of friends and acquaintances. Even if she is half my age.

Our rides together have been following a normal routine as of late. She would typically text me the night before, asking if it’s okay for me to drive her to class. I happily oblige her and tell her I’d love to. She’s been getting more comfortable contacting me the morning of class, finally accepting that it’s no bother to me to send a message an hour or two before class. She can honestly text me even fifteen minutes before, but I know she’s not like—she has respect for people and their free time.

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My Young One (Part Five) [18+]

The gentle tones of piano keys played in the background as I stared at the intricate marble ceiling, hoping that I would just naturally fall asleep. The lights were all off, with only the natural moonlight gently shining through the windows. Everything was cloaked in a faint white light.

It’s a crazy thing how my life ended up like this. Thankfully it was MY life now, not “our” life. All of the nights spend having arguments and yelling at one another were about to come to an end. The sleepless nights wondering when Travis was going to come home. I could do whatever I wanted without having a care.

Staring at the ceiling did nothing to help me drift off, it just made me anxious. I rolled onto my side and stared at the mirror across the room, seeing my faint reflection in it. As I stared I saw my phone light up on the nightstand.

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My Young One (Part Four) [18+]

I turned the key and unlocked the front door, heading right into my apartment. As I took off my stiletto heels and left them on the shoe mat, I noticed the pair of black dress shoes haphazardly tossed onto it. Even doing something so basic as keeping his shoes organized and neat seemed too much of a hassle for him.

Rolling my eyes, I sorted out the shoes before walking along the wooden floors down to the living room, “If you’re going to continue to live here for the time being, the least you can do is keep my home clean.”

I didn’t bother staying for a reply, I just continued on and headed into the kitchen. My nose quickly picked up the wafting scent of burned bread and an abundance of oregano. I walked over to the stove and saw a collection of opened pots, sauce stains, and an empty box of spaghetti noodles on the counter.

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My Young One (Part Three) [18+]

My car quickly came to a smooth stop as I pulled up in front of the college campus. Students of all ages and sizes were walking through the front courtyard, getting from one class to another. As soon as she could, the young woman opened the passenger side door and vaulted from her seat. Getting a tight grip on the strap of her backpack, she readied herself to sprint to class. But there was a few more things I wanted to know before I let her go.

Right before she rushed off, I learned over my seat and called out to hear, “No ‘thank you’ for saving your grades?”

Catching her off-guard, the young woman quickly turned around to face me and began bowing. Obvious to say, but she surprised me when she did that. Regardless, it was a gesture that was well received.

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My Young One (Part Two) [18+]

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

I chuckled when the young woman said that, “I think I do, since you’ve been saying it over and over ever since you got in.”

“Well, it’s true. You really saved me from having to take an extra course next semester.”

We pulled up to a red light, and I used it as a chance to look at the young woman. Even after offering her a ride to class, she kept on crying away. At least this time, I hoped, they were tears of joy and appreciation.

She noticed me looking at her and gave the biggest smile possible, practically grinning from ear-to-ear. Her cheeks were flushed and chubby, showing off the tiny dimples she had.

God, she’s adorable when she smiles. She can land herself a husband just by doing that.

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