Face-to-Foot [18+]

“Rosa, go take a shower and get to bed.”

“I don’t wanna just yet. I feel like my body’s getting hotter and hotter.”

“Then go take a cool shower.”

Mia’s novel didn’t leave her hand as she talked to the intoxicated Rosa. She could feel Rosa’s hands traveling along the edge of the couch, feeling around the fleece blanket. Thinking nothing of it Mia let Rosa lift up the blanket, uncovering her feet.

Reaching another conflict in her novel, Mia continued turning the pages on and on to see if her prediction still held. When she reached a paragraph describing a set of characters navigating through a warm, swamp environment Mia somehow felt a warm, wet sensation wrapping around her big toe. “Damn, I must really be getting into the story. I can actually feel like I’m walking through the swamp.”

The more she read, the more realistic the sensation became. She quickly felt something slippery circling around and moving between the gaps between her toes. Whatever Mia was feeling made it harder for her to focus on the book.

This feeling is too much. I’ve probably been sitting on it for too long. I should get up and walk around.

Mia folded the corner of her current page and put her reading session on pause for the moment. But with her sight on Rosa, she finally understood why her toe was wet.

Her eyes closed and mouth tightly shut, Rosa eagerly sucked away at Mia’s toe; Rosa didn’t let a drop of her saliva slip out of the corner of her mouth as she slurped and lapped up everything. The longer Mia watched, the more she began to feel herself wanting this little foot-play to lead to something more sensual. Her feet was her greatest weak spot and fastest way to tun her on.


Pulling back for a moment Rosa looked up at Mia, her face redder than before, “Whaaat? I was enjoying myself.”

Mia crossed her legs, putting her other foot in front. With a devilish smile, she stuck out her other foot and lightly tapped Rosa on her cheek, “Don’t forget to take care of these toes too.”

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