Unexplained Powers

“Put your hands up! You’re under arrest for possession of a deadly weapon, possession of drugs with intent to distribute, and for the murder of Franklin Cossi.”

“Oh, Sug, that Cossi fella wasn’t nothing’s but a no-tier demon. And what weapon could you possibly be talkin’ ’bout? It couldn’t be mah lil ‘ol wand now, right?”

I swear, these folks don’t know nothin’ about my kind and what we do. I should give them a quick lesson in respect. Last I heard about interaction between us and them they started somethin’ called the “Salem Witch Trials.” Now that I think about it, if I’m going to show them what we can do, I might as well dress the part.

With the snap of her fingers a small puff of smoke appeared from the palm of her hand. Once it dissipated her hand was tightly gripped around her small, metallic wand. Waiting dozens of feet below her with their weapons armed and aimed at her, she lobbed her Ward and watched it fall, crashing onto the hood of a police car; the front of the car immediately sunk in as if an anvil was dropped from the sky.

Calezia raised her hand towards the clear night sky. Somehow, even though there wasn’t a cloud in sight, a large bolt of lightning struck down, colliding with her hand. In the blinding flash that followed, her outfit had changed from her normal, casual clothes, to a more fitting outfit for the occasion. A pair of white high-heel boots stretched up to her thigh, hiding beneath the long, strapless black dress with a red sash tied around her waist. A small cloak covered her slender shoulders and a high, popped up collar protected her neck from the night breeze. Natural violet colored hair fanned out along her back, layered to give it a more wild style.

Ready to take action Calezia brought her hand down and aimed a single finger down at the largest crowd of policemen in the streets below.

One of the policemen screamed out, “Spread out, she’s about to fire!”

“Oh-ho? So y’all have been memorizing me, huh? This should be interesting.”

Her eyes widened and a blood-curdling grin took over her face as a small, red or green on the tip of her finger.

“Infernus Blast!”

The small orb on her finger instantly expanded and extended, firing out as a long beam that was wider than Calezia’s own height. When it touched the pavement streets below at least two police cars were caught in beam’s radius and exploded upon impact. The five or six policemen that were caught as well vaporized in place, not even leaving a shred of their uniform left behind. Those that were caught in the blast from the cars were blown away a few feet, suffering injuries, but nothing fatal; some managed to get back on their feet and aimed their guns at Calezia again.

Witnessing everything from the safety of a police truck a few blocks away, the main officer-in-charge felt a surge of rage boiling as he saw his men go down in the line of duty. He clenched his fist and slammed on the button to the loudspeaker.

“All units: open fire on that witch bitch! Don’t let a single piece of her corpse remain!”

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