Unexplained Powers

Following orders, the policemen all began emptying the clips of their weapons on the designated target. Pistols of various calibers, rapid fire assault rifles, and long-barrel shotguns all fired upon Calezia. However, every bullet missed as her evasive maneuvers made it seem like she was dancing in mid-air; she weaved in-between bullets, ascending and dipping down like a dancer in a one-woman performance. She spun with ease and grace, making the sky her own stage.

Going on her own offensive front, she started to rapid fire more beams, these no more than two feet wide, coming from both hands. For every wave of bullets she dodged she fired off her own beams. However, her accuracy was much better than the police. Most of her shots either stuck an officer with a fatal blow or they managed to jump out of the way and got hit in a non-vital area.

Within a matter of minutes, the one-hundred man operation dwindled down to half of that. One of the surviving officers managed to escape the gunfight and rushed to the main truck, the base of operations. He pulled open the side door and began to give a report on the current status of the operation.

“Sir… We can’t keep this up much longer. In just under ten minutes, half of our entire squad has either been wiped out or too injured to continue. Some of those blast she fires off even pierced our vehicles and blown them to bits. We have no protection from escaping the fight. Sir, I’d advise a full-scale retreat to regroup and collect ourselves.”

Sitting back in the chair all the way in the back of the truck the officer-in-charge watched as the officer continued on with his report; there was a train of blood dripping down from his scalp, a sign that he barely survived the battle. The officer-in-charge nodded as he listened to the advice of his troop, but it was all useless talk to him.

“Have we even managed to injure the witch?”

“No, Sir. However, due to our current circumstances, it’s best that we—”

Before the officer managed to finish his report his commanding officer pulled out a revolver and pulled the trigger, a bullet flying straight through his head and splitting it in two.

The officer-in-charge watched as his troop’s headless body collapsed onto the floor of the truck, “There’s no use in telling me of negative results. We will not pull out until this bitch dies. I will keep calling in reinforcements until she falls!”

The officer-in-charge slammed his fist on the loudspeaker button again, this time ordering the policemen to push on regardless of their rapidly falling numbers. He was determined to kill Calezia here and now. If he didn’t, he knew that she would be coming after him.

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