Monster Madness – Youngster by the Dumpster

Late nights are usually the most common part of the day when people begin to go missing. It’s also that part of the night when the darkness of the city streets are turned into shortcuts to help navigate packed and busy sidewalks.

On this night, a high school decides to travel through an alleyway with little to no light as a means for returning home faster. Hopefully, her choice won’t backfire and bite her in the neck.

Even alone in a dark alleyway, Valerie continued to keep her eyes on her screen, this time texting back and forth with her closest friends from high school. She still kept thinking about the events from just a short while ago, when all of them were hanging out at a theater to catch the latest movie release.

“That… That’s blood! Is there a dead body in the dumpster…?”

“What are you doing here?”

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