Monster Madness – Youngster by the Dumpster

“Yeah. I’m part of the overnight cleaning and maintenance crew.” Focusing on the current situation at hand the man quickly turned the conversation back in his favor, “And from the looks of it, you’re another person looking for can to turn in for chance. Well, stuff luck. We already gave our cans to the usual guy who comes by every night.”

“What? N-No, I’m not looking for cans.”

“Then what are you doing looking in the dumpster? Looking for scrap metal?”

Valerie was hesitant to give the real explanation for her digging in around in garbage. She thought that if she did uncover a dead body the man would quickly call the police and she would be arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. She had years of her life ahead of her and didn’t want to spend a single moment of it behind bars.

Valerie tried not to break eye contact with the man, but she saw a small glimmering red light a few feet above his head. When she flashed the light from her phone on it, it turned out the red light was coming from a security camera. It was most likely in place to help catch activity that occurs in the alley.

She quickly realized the security camera would be her saving grace if she was arrested. Confiding in the man, she explain to him everything: her reason for walking down the alleyway in the first place and the river of blood oozing out from the dumpster.

Obviously, the maintenance man gave a long and hard questioning gaze at Valerie as she gave her story. However once she brought up the part about the blood coming from the dumpster, he became much more concerned, taking an occasional look at the dumpster and looking at where the blood was flowing, if it really was blood.

Before Valerie was done with her explanation, the man stepped past her and crouched down in front of the red river. He dipped one of his fingers in and licked his it clean of the red stain; Valerie almost threw up the snacks she had at the theater, but she forced it back down.

The man nodded at Valerie’s claim, “Yep, this is blood, alright. No question about it.”

“Now do you believe me? There’s probably a body at the bottom of that dumpster. We should call the police so they can start an investigation.”

The man let out a disappointed sigh as he approached Valerie, “Looks like I was in such a rush last time, that I didn’t even notice the crack in the dumpster. I guess I overlooked it the last few times I came back here within the last month or so.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you did.” Without second thought Valerie began putting her phone settings back to normal as she made a call, “If you didn’t the body would probably be in a junkyard by now.”

“It’s a bad thing that I overlooked it. If it wasn’t for that crack, I would have been in the clear.”

“What are you talking about?”

Right as Valerie was about to contact the police, the man forcefully smacked the phone out of her hand, the screen cracking and breaking into shards on the cement ground. Rage filled Valerie’s mind, but she didn’t have time to react before a large hand gripped her throat. Her legs wildly kicked as she was slowly lifted off of the ground, her oxygen supply slowly being cut off. When she was finally able to catch up to what was going on, her eyes were met with a new image.

Her eyes followed the arm that was grabbing at her throat and they met with the eyes of the maintenance man. His face was filled with sadness and distraught. The iris of his eyes were an unnaturally bright red that lit up through the darkness of the alleyway.

“If you noticed the crack in the dumpster, it means that I can’t dump bodies here anymore.”

When he spoke for the brief moment Valerie was able to see a pair of bleached, white fangs protruding from his upper lip.

Seeing all that only made her struggle even harder to break away from the man’s painful grip.

The man noticed the fear in Valerie’s eyes, enduring her flurry of kicks like they were light taps to his body, “What’s the matter? You’re acting like you just saw a monster in front of you.” With a sinister smile on his face and his face visible under the dim streetlights, the man hissed as he tightened his grip on Valerie’s windpipe, “Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re right. But don’t worry. It will all be over quick once I drain enough blood from you.”

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