Across the Table – Session One

“State your name, please.”

“Alexandria Wardens.”


“Seventeen years old.”

“Date of birth?”

“December 28th. Look, don’t you have some kind of file about me? Why do I have to say all of this stuff?”

“It’s just standard protocol for the first session. I won’t be asking you this stuff again. Next, what is your reason for being here?”

Alexandria froze in her seat. A quick burst of memories came flooding her train of thought, but she forced herself to forget about them, even if it only last for a few minutes, “… I don’t want to talk about it. Can we just get this all started with the basic questions and stuff? Besides, I don’t really feel like talking about my personal history to a person whose name I don’t even know.”

The grown woman was calmly sitting across from Alexandria on the other side of the metal table. Unlike Alexandria, who was trying to find a comfortable seating position in her slightly over-sized blue jumpsuit, the woman wore a long, white lab coat that hung off the sides of the seat. Her dark brown hair nearly reached half way down her back, even after being pulled into a ponytail.

Adjusting her thin-framed glasses the woman spoke her name, “I’m Suzanne Connors. You can call me ‘Suzanne’ if you’d like.”

Alexandria shrugged, “Sure. Can we get started already?’

“I suppose we can. Today’s our first session together, so it won’t be too long. I’m sorry for trying to get right into a heavy subject.”

Alexandria’s dirty-blonde colored hair was parted into one large bang that partially covered her eyes, hiding the fact that she rolled them at Suzanne’s poor attempt at trying to get her to open up. She leaned back in her chair, arms folded, finally able to sit comfortably, “Just don’t do it again.”

“I’ll make sure to remember that,” Suzanne replied, taking out a small notebook for her coat pocket. She opened it to a fresh blank page with a pen wedged into the spine. “Now, to begin today’s session, I’d like to ask you a simple question to help get you thinking. Stimulating your brain will make it easier for you to relax and allow yourself to be more honest with your answers. Okay with you?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Alexandria lifted up one of her hands and showed off the pair of sparkling clean handcuffs locked around her wrist, “I didn’t exactly come here on my own free will, but I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?”

“Don’t think of this in suck a negative light. Try to have some fun with this. I’m sure it’s a nice change of pace form your usual routine, isn’t it?”

“… I guess it is.”

Suzanne continued with a warm smile, “Knowing that, I have the perfect question to get us started.”

“And that is?”

“What is your idea of perfect happiness?”

It was a simple question, but Alexandria kept replaying that question in her head, not because of a lack of comprehension, but because it sounded so idiotic to her. Who thought about trying to achieve perfect happiness? In reality, in the real world, it was impossible to reach such a thing.

“Perfect happiness? That kind of crap doesn’t exist,” Alexandria answered without hesitation. Her tone was cold and harsh, not even thinking about her words before speaking; it’s like she already knew how to respond. “Sure, a person can be happy, bur perfect happiness can’t happen. It’s like saying somebody got everything they wanted and has nothing to complain about.”

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