Across the Table – Session One

Suzanne let out a small sigh, feeling disheartened at how quickly Alexandria closed herself up again. Then again, she couldn’t feel too bad about it, as she didn’t know that school would be another touchy subject to bring up. If anything Suzanne thought she would have been bombarded with complaints about which teacher was annoying and how bad the school lunches were. Seeing as how the teen closed up, Suzanne wrote one last sentence before closing her notebook, “I apologize if I hit a personal subject. It seems like that’s all I’ve been hitting on today.”

“I’ll let this one slide. I’m sure you didn’t know.”

“No no, I’m at fault. I should have prepared better by coming with a list of different topics to talk about. With our next session, I’ll have a series of questions to ask you, okay? I’ll try to keep the questions a bit vague, so that way you’ll be able to steer just how deep the subject can get.”


“So, same time next week?”


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