Bathtub [18+]

I turned back around to face her. Her expression was a serious one, unlike the smiling, relaxed one from just a moment ago. Her eyes were looking right at me, the light brown color of them shimmering.

“Sure. What is it?”

“I know this may come off as a bit strange, but… am I pretty?”

“Huh?” Her question threw me for a loop. Even though I wasn’t sure what kind of question Mrs. Kurosawa wanted to ask, I certainly didn’t expect it would be something like that, especially from her.

She must have thought I didn’t understand her question, so she changed the question a bit, “Do you find me attractive? Am I sexy for my age?”

I couldn’t help but be stuck in awe that she was asking me these questions. Mrs. Kurosawa made it seem like she’s living the happy life of a housewife. She would always talk about how her husband is moving up in the business work and all of the different places they go together. Just recently, she told me about how they went to go pick out a new necklace for her.

The longer I looked at her serious face, the more I started to think that maybe things weren’t so fine, even if it seems like it was. From what I heard, marriages are often like that.

I tried to go around her question by asking one of my own, “Is everything okay, Mrs. Kurosawa?”

Her tone shifted to a demanding one and her voice go a bit louder, “Am I sexy?!” Still in the bathtub, Mrs. Kurosawa got up and faced me entirely, her body dripping with water from her chest down. And in the blink of an eye, she gets out and stormed towards me, pinning me against the backroom door.

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