Binocular Overwatch

Have you ever just watched the world burn all around you, your favorite places all now turned to ash and your home destroyed to the ground, and there was nothing you could do to stop it? Absolute chaos ran around in the city streets, people screamed for their lives, unknown of just how much worse thing would get. I saw people being attacked by the ones they loved, the ones they trusted, and complete strangers alike. And I just sat around and watched it all happen.

I focused on the on a car up the street. Its hood was popped up, the engine completely exposed with black smoke rising up from it. There was somebody behind the wheel, struggling to keep control of the car despite losing the ability to see the road. With one hand wildly trying to steady the steering wheel, the person was trying to fend off a rabid attacker with the other. I pulled out my binoculars from my side-pack to get a better look.

It was a man driving: baseball cap, basketball jersey to show off his obvious tan, freshly shaven chin. His left hand was digging into the black cover of the steering wheel, shaking as he tried his best not to veer off into a building. As for his right hand, half of it was in the mouth of his attacker: an ill-looking woman who’s skin was an unnatural gray color with colorless eyes. Her shirt was torn and shredded on the left, unable to hid the giant hole and red-stained bone where her arm once was. Her right arm was outstretched, her fingers locked in a claw-like grip, wanting to reach for the man’s face.

I put my binoculars down for a moment and tapped my earpiece, “Found another loner. Male, possibly late thirties, clear bite wound along right hand. He’s currently under attack from a female ghoul. Engage?”

There was a small amount of static coming from the other line, but the response was still clear, “It’s your call, Naoki. You can see if he’ll be of any use to use, but I highly doubt it. What was he doing when you found him?”

“He currently driving a cab down an empty street we cleared earlier this month.”

“High Avenue?”

“Affirmative. He’s slowly losing control of the car as he’s trying to fend off the ghoul. Unsure if he actually was a cab driver before ‘X Day’ or if he was lucky enough to find a working car.” I brought the binoculars back up and continued to watch the man struggle with the car and the ghoul. “He probably doesn’t know anything helpful. Plus he’s bitten, so he would eventually become one even if I saved him.”

“Like I said, Nao, it’s your call.”

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