Binocular Overwatch

The ghoul was beginning to win the fight against the man, its fingers brushing against the man’s face. The ghoul became more violent once it felt the fresh touch of human skin, its hand flailing around, wanting to tear into him. The man’s hand on the wheel was struggling, his entire arm shaking from the lack of strength to continue on.

He’s not going to live through this, I thought. He’s going to crash before I get down there to him, that’s if the ghoul doesn’t get him first. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh, disappointed at the current situation. As I watched the man the ghoul withdrew its bite for a moment, lunging forward and taking another bite out of his hand, blood splashing out and covering the interior of the cab in a crimson red.

I brought the binoculars down and put them back in my side-pack. I silently watched as the man lost total control of the car, taking his hand away from the wheel to try and punch off the ghoul. The car started weaving from side to side, eventually reaching a tipping point and fell over, skidding along the ground on its side until it came to a full stop. The black smoke changed to a fiery mix of red and orange. It was only a matter of time before the car exploded, taking the man and ghoul with it.

“I can’t save him,” I mumbled to myself. I tapped my earpiece again, “This is Naoki. I’m continuing my exploration of the city. I’ll continue updating as I go.”

“Roger that.”

I backed up from the ledge of the roof and picked up my rifle resting next to me, wrapping the strap around my torso. Before I made my way to the stairs to leave, I peered over the ledge one last time to look at the man.

The driver side of the cab was up and the door was wide open. I could see him trying to climb out and escape, blood trickling down from the top of his head. Before he could make it to freedom, the ghoul rose up behind him and grabbed his neck, dragging him back down into the fiery car.

I turned back around and headed for the stairs, “What a bad way to die.”

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