His voice echoed throughout the capital, even as the bells continued, “Arcimia. We know you’re hiding in the crowd; you haven’t escaped the Empire.”

I remained still, my gaze focused on the archer. From the way he was talking he was just another common patrol guard, relaying the messages from his superiors. He kept looking up and down the crowd, trying to find the slightest of hint as to where I was. After a moment of no results, the archer began again.

“If you do not reveal yourself to us, we shall not hesitate to take drastic measures to prevent your escape.” The archer threw his hand up high over his head, giving some kind of signal. Within a matter of seconds, every surrounding building was covered in archers, all of them with drawn bows aimed directly at the crowd. “This is your final warning. Reveal yourself.”

From my spot I could see at least a dozen archers awaiting their command. With every face I saw, they all had the same expression: dead. Their eyes lacked color, their pupils a faint gray. Faces solid like stone, no smiling or frowns from their mouths.

Seeing this made my blood boil, the devoid of emotion in a human being. At least half of those men should have been shivering in their boots as they aimed down at innocents, all just to kill one person. I learned about just how far the High King would go just to protect himself. And now, I was his main priority.

He won’t hesitate to kill his people on his pursuit to kill me. I need to think of something, fast.

Copyright © 2019 by Luka Tatsujo

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