August Note – 8/31/2019

August Note – 8/31/2019

The room filled with the bright orange hue of the setting sun flashing through the window blinds. The calm breeze danced around, bringing the scent of freshly cut grass into the room. The wandering cat crossed into the sun’s light, its brown eyes shining straight at the only person in the room.

However, even with the tranquil scene in front, Luka continued to stare up at the ceiling, trying to focus on the train of thought constantly derailing.

With a heavy sigh, Luka shook her head, “Everything’s just been so crazy lately. It’s crazy how just one thing can turn everything else on its head.”

The cat let out a gentle cry, prancing towards Luka and jumping onto her lap. Luka’s eyes came down from the ceiling and focused on the cat.

“I’ll make the right move. I promise.”

Hello, once again, everybody. It’s the end of August and the beginning of September. The long summer nights are soon to become relaxing autumnal nights, the sweltering winds of summer will give way to crisp, soothing breezes, and nature’s leaves will turn into every shade of orange, red, and yellow.

… And coffee shops will bring back pumpkin spice latte drinks. I never understood the appeal behind them, they taste terrible.

How have you guys been doing? Anybody go on vacation, traveled across the seven seas to find the lost treasure of One Piece? (Sorry, I had to.) I’m sure some of y’all were stuck working during the hot days, and don’t fret, you weren’t alone. I was also working during the summer, but it wasn’t always in a cool room. I practically have to travel a couple times outside for my job, so there where time when I was gone for an hour and came back covered in nothing but sweat—my hair got ruined a couple of time because of it. I honestly feel back to those who have to work in the heat for an entire eight-hour shift. Hopefully those who do know how to take care of themselves in that kind of weather.

Now, before I get into some major stuff I want to talk about for this month’s note, I just want to say one thing. August has been a crazy month for me. It was a collection of both the good and the bad, ranging from continuing my great writing internship, to possibly having to leave my day job due to medical reasons. And because I let all of this get on my mind, my writing was suffering and I practically stopped updating the site with new stories. And for that, I give my deepest apology. There were so many days where I just wanted to write, but being extra tired from work, on top of writing articles and interviewing people for my internship became much more hectic. I’ve let my brain shut off by just mindlessly throwing myself back into my video games for hours when I should have been working on stories. Don’t get me wrong, I have been doing some writing, but not as much as I should have been. And because of it, all of you lovely readers had to deal with a reading drought from me for quite some time.

And I’m sorry for doing so.

Onto some other topics really quick. First off, let’s talk about the Facebook page. I was thinking about possibly shutting it down. The primary purpose of it was to allow people another way of keeping track of my works and whenever something is updated. In theory, I thought people would start talking to each other and meeting other fans of my works. In reality, it’s nothing but a dry page where literally the only thing that happens is a post comes up about whenever something is posted. I wanted to interact with more of you lovely folks, but it seems like that’s not happening. And I don’t just want a page where its sole purpose is to just post like a robot. I don’t have a decisive plan yet, but it’s an idea. However, I am much, MUCH more active on Twitter, so if you want to stay updated, look there.

Second is I’m still working with changing the website layout. Earlier this month, or possibly the very end of July (I forgot the exact date) I made some minor changes to the website. I changed my logo, changed up some of the wording for certain things, and other minute changes. I’m still shifting through a couple of different formats, but the current one will still stand for some time. If you have an ideas, feel free to let me know.

Finally, there are currently no set updates for stories. For the time being, after the long break from writing, I don’t have any new plans to start long-term stories. I just want to finish up my current plate and take it slow, refresh if needed.

Once again, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting so much over the last two or three weeks. Life is just all over the place right now, and I need to sort things out. But once I get my rhythm back and in action, you guys will see the regularly scheduled stories returning. If you ever want to get in touch, feel free to contact me on Twitter or via Contact Luka. And for those of you reading this right now:

Thank you for dealing with me.

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