100 Word Story – A Space Tragedy (Part Seven)

The entire crew had some kind of gripe with the commander, considering his obnoxious attitude and know-it-all behavior.

Although he was of the rank of Commander, everybody felt that he didn’t deserve it, that it was handed to him on a silver platter.

And after dealing with him for long enough, some of the crew members finally decided to do something about him.

“The Commander has been away for quite some time now,” Yasain pointed out, looking away from her station. “I wonder if he’s okay.”

Diamond shrugged and kept looking at the radars, “He complained about feeling queasy. Probably trying to take a shit.”

Lah-Mal glanced up at Diamond, giving a concerned look, “I hope he’s feeling okay.”

The bridge fell silent, a looming dread hanging in the air about their missing commander. Deciding to go check on him, Diamond brought Yasain and Lah-Mal to go search the ship.

As the trio left the bridge their worried expressions turned into dark grins.

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