100 Word Story – Young Lady (Part Two)

The officer knew something unusual was going on when he heard the strange sounds coming from the alleyway. At first, he had thought it was just some rats running around in the shadows. He was going to continue his nightly patrol.

Until he heard the shrieking cries of a girl coming from the dark in the alleyway.

“I said not to come any closer!”

Faint whispers and cries of pain came from the teenage girl as she crept her way through the alleyway. Her foot dragged along the concrete pavement, twisted and bent with her ankle protruding out of the skin. She kept one arm stretched out, reaching for the officer.

Even with a small distance between them, the officer could smell the putrid odor coming from the girl, a scent of wet, aged garbage and spoiled meat. The street lamp overhead started flicking more, making it hard for the officer to keep an eye on the girl.

“Come on, Davis, make a move…”

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