100 Word Story – Slippery Slope (Part One)

I always had a feeling that Dad never really loved me. When I was younger, Mom was the one who spent all of her time with me; it even reached the point where people thought she was a single mother. Anytime my dad had to put any effort into me, it seemed like an issue.

From the parent-teacher conferences, musical recitals, and even my fifteenth birthday, he showed no interest, if he even decided to show up at all.

With the approaching storm, it really felt like he didn’t care about me.

The unrelenting rain continued into day three with no end in sight. From the reports I’ve seen on television, local streets were being flooded, making travel nearly impossible unless one had a large vehicle to push through the rising waters.

I looked out the window, watching small rivers of water sliding down the hillside sloped neighborhood.

“Melissa, did you park Sally in the garage? We don’t need her drifting down the hill,” My dad called out.

“Yeah, dad. The car is nice and dry in the garage.”

Sometimes I wondered who he considered a daughter: me or that stupid car.

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Copyright © 2019 by Luka Tatsujo

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