100 Word Story – Residence (Part One)

There was a town that was hidden in a deep blanket of fog. Wandering travelers and tourists would be wary whenever they drove past the quiet town, hesitant to even stop to ask somebody for directions. That is, if they saw one of the residence walking about through the town.

Everybody who lived there never uttered a word, not even to relatives and friends nearby. Shops would always be open with nobody watching the registers. Children’s toys littered the empty playground, waiting to be played with. Even the town square was barren during the holiday season.

Silence was everywhere, only giving way when bells rang at dusk and when the crows took off for the night.

It was as if the town was inhabited by ghosts.

Jasmine took her time walking through the town, hoping to run into somebody who would be able to help her. She glanced back and was able to see her car spewing black fumes from its engine.

“Damn,” she sighed. “I thought it would have at least made it to the next major city before crapping out on me.”

While looking for somebody, Jasmine stumbled into the town square. In the center was a clock tower. She looked up to get a look at the time but the top half was blocked by the thick fog.

“How can people see here?”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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