January Note – 1/31/2010

January Note – 1/31/2010

The orange sun started its morning rise over the city skyline, blanketing every glass building in its radiant glow. Down below, on the concrete and cement pavement, cars and people buzzed up and down the streets, beginning the usual morning rush hour—car honks, obnoxious phone calls, and quickly-forming crowds made the normal scene. Civilization was continuing on as usual. At least, that was the way it looked on the surface to the public.

Luka knew about the public cover up about the virus. From the news reports about the origins, the quick global spread, and the announcement of a successful cure, it was presented like the world avoided another epidemic. People were lining up to get vaccinated and treated. Others happily gave up their lives in the name of science.

Luka was the result of a cure that came too late.

Leaning on the railing on the roof of a building, Luka lifted her sleeve and looked at her arm. Going the length of her entire arm was a thick blue vein, starting from her knuckle. After staring at it long enough, she was able to notice the subtle pulsing from it.

“I always knew the C-Virus would backfire on me…”

What’s the best way to enter in the new year? Most people would think that creating a list of resolutions and goals for the year would be a nice starting point. I mean, who wouldn’t want to set goals for themselves? Never would I have imagined that we’d start 2020 by potentially having another world war and a new viral epidemic.

Damn, that was a dark way to start… Oh well.
Howdy, y’all. How’s the new year been treating you? It’s amazing how January just came and went in no time flat. It felt like it was just New Years Day yesterday. Did you make a list of resolutions and goals for this year? Is there anything you’re trying to accomplish this year? Are you still trying to finish up a couple things from last year’s list? For me, I personally stopped making resolutions a while ago, I never really stuck to them anyways. I’ve just been living life one day at a time and focusing on me and my own growth. Whether it be physical improvements, mental stability, or spiritual upbringings, I’m just trying to do me. I’ve also been trying to catch up on my video game backlog, and goddamn, I have A LOT to get through. I was thinking about streaming it. I know this is suppose to focus on my writing and works, but how would you guys feel if I brought in my other personal hobbies into the mix?

Moving on from that, my writing as been going at a slow but calming pace. I’ve been trying to hunker down and actually finish one story first before starting a new one, but every other day I end up writing a page or two of an idea. I usually do this in order to at least write something so I can come back to it later. I’ve also been starting to come to a more defined realization about my style: short and to the point. This month, I’ve been experimenting with various length, writing styles, and themes that I can write about. So in the upcoming weeks, you’ll be seeing a variety of different things. If you see something you like and want more of if, feel free to comment on it or email me about it. I like getting feedback from those who read my works.

As for any major projects, I haven’t decided on one yet. The curse of having too many ideas is never having enough time to actually write all of them to completion. So what I’ve been doing is writing out a scene of multiple stories and figuring out which one I want to develop fully first. As for those I don’t want to work on, I may just type them up and share them with y’all. At least that way there will be more things to read on a more steady basis. I also have a couple of article ideas that I’m fleshing out, so be on the lookout for that.

Since this is the new year, I don’t exactly have much to report on, so sorry if this Monthly Note is so short. If there’s anything you’re curious about and have questions, don’t be afraid to leave comments, email me, or even contact me on Twitter.

I hope your January was good, and I’ll write you again in February!

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