Really, the Third Floor?

You would think that if a person only lived a flight or two from the lobby that they’d take the stairs, right? Taking the stairs from such low floors is usually much faster than waiting for the elevator. And in the event that the elevator is already full, you now have to wait for another one. At that point, you might as well just walk down the stairs.

But no. There are lazy people who don’t want to take the stairs. They’re rather wait over a minute for an elevator than just take ten seconds to go down some stairs. And it’s even worse when it’s people who don’t even belong in the building.

Seriously, who’s too lazy to take the stairs?

My brain was still trying to wake up. My body wanted to get back in bed and fall back asleep. In all honesty, I could totally go back home right now and catch up on some well needed rest, but I knew myself. If I didn’t get my errands done as soon as possible I would forget to do them, and that would only be the spark to cause more problems.

The bell of the elevators got louder, one of the doors slowly opened with faint screeching. Every step felt like they were being weight down with bricks, my body really giving signs of both laziness and wanting more sleep. I got into the elevator and pressed for the lobby floor. The usual bell sounded every time it pasted a floor—it blew past each and every one. All of them, except the third floor.

My eyes were still adjusting to the sudden brightness from the overhead lights, forcing me to squint at the floor indicator. “Who the fuck pressed three?” Who’s too lazy to walk two flights down?”

Through my tired, foggy sight I quickly grew annoyed. The flights between each floor were rather short, only taking just a couple of seconds to go from one floor to the next. I personally lived on the fourteenth floor, but that didn’t stop me from using the stairs at times—my personal record for going from the lobby up to fourteen was just under a minute. Regardless of that fact, nobody should be taking the elevator down from three except the elderly, and I was pretty sure no elderly folks lived on that floor.

I could hear multiple voices laughing before the elevator slowed down and opened.

There was a grand total of six people stepping onto the elevator. From just a quick glance around, there were two females and four males, their heights ranging from four-ten to five-six. They all walked on being obnoxious and loud, practically yelling at one another during their conversations. One of the females wore a pair of headphones around her neck, blasting music from them. Between the music and being stuck in their conversations, I could barely hear myself think. Thankfully this ride through hell only lasted two floors. Two floors that they should have walked down.

Two bell rings later the elevator doors opened and the group of six quickly exited. I stepped out last and slowed my pace, allowing the group to exit the building first. From the first floor lobby windows I watched them as they quickly ran across the street and enter another building.

“I fucking hate teenagers.”

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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