100 Word Story – Social Media Memories (Part Two)

Alexander spent so much of his free time browsing around online on every social media platform out there. Dozens of accounts, hundreds of comments and posts about his mind, and thousands of hours wasted for doing nothing in particular in his real life.

However, all of that time spent online helped him create new everlasting friendships and relationships with people he may never see in person. New memories were made, interesting conversations had, and an endless supply of new things to be on the lookout for.

But with all of that time spent, certain things came back to haunt him. Things that he had hoped to never see again.

Alexander reconnected with old friends from his early years, sometimes having to leave them behind after seeing the dangerous person they have aged into. Online friendships and romances were forged from various things: online gaming, mutual friends, forum postings, the list was endless. Rumors spread online faster than wildfires.

Should a person Alexander contacted was the center of one, he had to judge if he wanted to continue knowing that person. On the digital plane, Alexander knew over one thousand people. In reality, only a couple dozen. But for the time, that was the social norm.

Sad, but socially normal.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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