100 Word Story – Burned Promises (Part One)

We promised each other that we would be inseparable, that we would always be together. Whether we scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the same day and time, went clothes shopping together, or even got caught sneaking out of class together, we always made sure we did it as a duo.

If Evalyn got caught coming home late, I would make sure to call her house to say that she was with me all day, even if she was visiting her boyfriend. If my parents were calling my cellphone, and I didn’t bother answering, she would call them and say that my phone died. We made sure we had a solution for everything, and that was how we rolled on a daily basis.

Why would it change if we decided to check out an old abandoned house? We had the perfect answer for every situation.

That is, if we both made it out alive.


The entire house stunk of burned ashes and scorched wood. Everything had thick layers of black soot and dust caked onto the surface. This entire house hasn’t been touched for quite some time, and it showed.

“It’s so goddamn dusty in here!”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “What did you expect? The place has been abandoned for like twenty years.”

Evalyn sneezed a couple times into her hoodie before walking further down the main hallway, while I broke off and veered into the main living room. I carefully navigated around the remnants of furniture and caved in roof planks.

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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