100 Word Story – Reconsidering Romantics (Part Four)

I honestly never thought that we would be in this kind of situation. Things have been amazing in more way than one. The romantic passion between the two of us was intense and even made the older couple jealous. Some days we couldn’t keep our hands off each other in an erotic embrace, and others we simply were under one another just in bed being lazy. Every day, no matter what we had planned, was always filled with excitement.

And now, that part of my life was slowly dying. I started yearning for that kind of love again, that same heated passion that we both had. Now, on a lucky day, the most passionate thing I can get would be some kind of breakfast in bed and foreplay before we get intimate.

Was this really what the rest of my life with this man was going to be like?

But now, that spark I had for him was fading quickly. His acts of romantic affection slowed to a near halt. Our nights under the blankets as we cuddled to a movie ended. The spontaneous flirting moments were stale. The only thing that continued was the never-ending sex.

“All you do now is get your rocks off when we fuck. And even then, you keep it going and going until the point where I’m just lying on my back bored out of my mind.”

He got off the bed and got on his hands in knees, begging for my forgiveness

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Copyright © 2020 by Luka Tatsujo

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