A King’s Fill

This was a spontaneous idea when I sat down to get some work done for the day. I was dry on ideas and I needed something to get me going. I decided to look up the word of the day for January 20th, 2021 using Merriam-Webster. It took me longer than I wanted to get it done (thanks to random distractions and constantly scrolling through YouTube) but I actually like what I got out of it. I think I may come back to it and expand on it.

If you guys like the story and would like to see more of it, let me me know in the comments. And if you would like to see more Word of the Day stories, let me about that as well.

Today’s Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster is Gulosity.

Sir Knight Reginald stood at his post in awkward silence, along with the rest of his castle guards. They all didn’t stare down the aisle of the throne room that lead up to the King and Queen’s thrones. Some looked up at the high archway ceiling that seemed to reach the sky, others darted their eyes as they watched one another. Nobody said a word, just standing there, listening to the lip-smacking and monstrous sounds coming from nearby.

“Another plate, peons!”

Sir Knight Reginald glanced to his left and saw the King waving around an empty plate. The King threw the plate, shattering it inches away from where Reginald stood. All along the carpet that traveled from the main door down to the thrones, shards and chunks of plates and dishes littered it, turning the red carpet in to a white spiked trap.

The throne room fell quiet for a moment. When the King didn’t receive another plate of food, he screamed again, “Where is my food? Bring me my plate!”

Seconds later a slim man walked in, cautiously carrying three plates along his arm.

“Right away, My Liege.”

The man increased his pace, hoping to avoid being scowled at. Keeping his eyes on the King the man failed to notice the path of broken plates, stepping on one and breaking his focus. He shrieked out as sharp pieces cut straight into the bottom of his foot, bringing him down. The carefully balanced food fell along with him, splattering all over the carpet. One of the guards rushed over and aided the man from the carpet, removing the piece of plate from his foot.

Sir Knight Reginald caught glimpse of the incident and ordered the guard, “Take him to the infirmary to get that wound cleaned and patched up.”

“Keep that man right where he is,” the King intervened.

Everybody watched the King as he rose up from throne and charged down the carpet, stepping on the plate shards without even a single wince. He pushed the guard aside and grabbed the man by his head, the palm of his hand completely gripping him. The man struggled and cried for his release as the King held him up.

“Bring me my food.”

“But My Liege, I’m injured. I can’t walk like this.”

The King brought the man closer, inches away as he stared at him, “Bring. Me. Food.”

With one powerful throw, the King flung the man out of the throne room, and went back to his throne.

The Queen reached over and placed her hand on the King’s lap, watching him with sorrowful eyes, “Your actions concern me. Your anger is growing more and more with each passing day.”

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