A King’s Fill

The King slapped the Queen’s hand away and didn’t face her, “The lack of food being brought to me is the cause of that. Where is my food?”

Repulsed by his response, the Queen brought her hand down and closed her eyes, sighing and shaking her head. She snapped her fingers, the sound ringing across the entire room. From the doorway approached a woman carrying a large golden platter. There was a silver dome-shaped cover on top, smoke seeping out from the top of the handle. When the King saw this approaching, he shouted at the woman to walk around the carpet to avoid the broken plates. In front of the throne, the woman got down on one knee and held the platter up to the King. He lifted the cover and gasps in wonder as he saw a massive plate of food. Not caring to take in the aroma of the food, the King leaned over and dug in, only coming up to catch his breath.

The room was once again filled with lip-smacking and heavy breathing as the King focused on the food in front of him. The woman who brought the food struggled to keep the tray up as food scraps flew down and hit her. Everybody watched as the King indulged himself.

As the King got closer and closer to finishing everything on the plate, he suddenly pulled back and began coughing, reaching for his throat. He got up from this throne and thrashed about, walking over to guards to get help. Each guard turned away when the King came up to them, food chunks flying into their face with every cough.

When Sir Knight Reginald was faced with the King, he wiped his face clean before patting the King’s shoulder, “Please learn to eat slower, My Lord.”

With nobody else helping, the King rushed over to the Queen, grabbing her arm to get her attention. The Queen didn’t react, keeping her eyes closed as she refused to face her choking husband.

With nobody willing to help, the King continued to cough until collapsing to the ground, shaking for a moment before going motionless. Everybody watched to see if the King would react, but he never did.

Sir Knight Reginald approached the King’s body, checking for a pulse. He touched his throat and could feel a large mass clogging it. “An appropriate end for such a king as you were.”

The Queen walked up to the King and reached down, removing the golden crown from his head, “A true leader would never allow their gulosity to get the best of him.”

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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