Luka’s Stuck in A Dry Spell, Again. And Experimenting with Styles.

Luka’s Stuck in A Dry Spell, Again. And Experimenting with Styles.

Hey, y’all. Sorry I haven’t been posting anything in a while. My brain has been all over the place lately, and I was trying to get out of another dry spell of having no inspiration. I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of waiting for an idea to come to mind before I start writing, but it turns out that I can go days without anything coming to me (big surprise.) Part of me started thinking that since I write and post so many different short stories and ideas to the website, it quickly drains my pool of inspiration. On top of that, I tend to read some of my older stuff that’s up and get ideas to extend it or change something, but I figured people wouldn’t want to read the same thing over again, even if it has minor or major changes to it.

To help at least get me to my desk and write something on most days, I’ve been working on older ideas that I’ve started in one of the dozens of notebooks I own. And crazy enough, when I started hand-writing my stories again, I realized just how much more writing I can get one. When I noticed this, I took some time to think about myself, as a writer and content creator.

My normal method for posting was sitting at my desk and typing my stories out. I tend to type pretty fast, so I can pump out some words rather quickly, which is totally great. But I think that since I’m pumping out words so fast, I don’t really give myself time to think about how I want to continue the story—majority of the stories I write I think of on the fly while I’m typing it out, no real planning or drafting. I’ll be on a roll and work on bursts of inspiration, easily getting a couple hundred of words rather quickly. And when I get those words out, I just… stop. My brain doesn’t continue thinking about how I want the story to continue or if the story should just end after that. If the quick burst of inspiration is quickly wrapped up in just those hundred words, then it all works out. But in the many instances where the words just abruptly come to a halt, I don’t really have much of a drive to finish it. I’ll come back to it a few days later, but I still don’t have any new ideas about how I want it to finish. That’s where the hand-writing comes in.

Anime Typing Gif

Every couple of months or so of typing up all of my stories on a keyboard, I always forget just how much more productive and fun it is to write out stories with pencil and paper. I could take my time and think about what I want to happen and where I want the story to go as I’m writing it all out. Sometimes while I could spend an hour and a half typing at my desk and only get like a page and a half of a story out, but when I’m siting in front of paper, I can easily get three or more pages. Yes it’s probably a few less words written in that amount of time, but I feel like I get more out that way. And I admit, hand-writing and then transcribing it all onto a computer can be quite time consuming, especially if I haven’t posted something for you guys to read after a week or so.

Hand-writing allows me to experiment with my writing style and test the waters with how I feel about writing certain topics, genres, or themes. Yes, I can do that behind a keyboard, but it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s a mental thing to me, I guess. If you get what I mean, thanks for understanding. If not, then no harm done.

Anime Writing Gif 2

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m trying to find a compromise where I can hand-write my stories out but still manage to get stuff out to you guys in a timely manner. Just like how television shows makes viewers wait a week for every new episode, or new issues of comics release biweekly or monthly, I’m trying to find a balance that would work for me and still keep you guys happy. It would be great if you guys gave your opinions about what kind of content you’d expect and how long you’re willing to wait. More people started following my website, and I’m greatly appreciative for every new pair of eyes to reads my things. I just like knowing peoples’ opinions.

So, sorry again for not posting more consistently, and thank you for being patient with me. I’m experimenting with a few things, and should hopefully be back to posting very soon.

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