Don’t Look Back.

Hey, y’all. How’s your week been treating you so far? I know it’s only Tuesday, but make sure not to tire yourself out too quickly with whatever you’re doing, whether it be work related, doing some hobbies, or even doing nothing. As for me, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

So, lately, I’ve been talking with a great friend of mine who’s a musician, and he’s been asking me to send some stories his way to help get is creative mind flowing when he wanted to work on music. To me, I always like it when somebody uses my stories as sense of inspiration, whether it be for drawing, making music, or even just trying to get some kind of ideas when they’re at a mental road block. So when my friend started using some of my stories, I returned the favor when he sent me some of his music for me to write a story to.

For the next couple of day, I’m going to be sharing those stories that I wrote to my friend’s music. I would listen to each track multiple times in order to get a sense of what kind of theme or story I wanted to tell, and then I kept replaying it over and over once I sat at my desk to type. In case you guys want to join in and see if my story matches the music, head on over to my friend’s SoundCloud – Amacnyc.

For the first story, we have the first track on the Ornate Project Set playlist – Don’t Look Back.


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