My Young One (Part Six) [18+]

It’s been a nice couple of days after my first meeting with Arianna. Having driven her to class a few times this week has helped me learn a bit more about her. Even though the car rides last only mere minutes, I found myself growing more attached to her with every passing day.

It’s nice being able to have a chat with somebody outside of my normal circle of friends and acquaintances. Even if she is half my age.

Our rides together have been following a normal routine as of late. She would typically text me the night before, asking if it’s okay for me to drive her to class. I happily oblige her and tell her I’d love to. She’s been getting more comfortable contacting me the morning of class, finally accepting that it’s no bother to me to send a message an hour or two before class. She can honestly text me even fifteen minutes before, but I know she’s not like—she has respect for people and their free time.

Next comes our meeting location: right in front of my apartment building. It’s the easiest place for me to pick her up in my car, all she has to do is get in with me. And from there, it’s an easy ten minute drive to her college campus.

Every time she gets out she always gives me the brightest smile, her teeth shimmering in any light, and her cheeks all plump with her dimples showing. Those green eyes of hers are unmatched, putting any kind of emerald to shame in comparison. Her chestnut-colored hair looks silky from just a few feet away, with a few lighter hues in streaks. She allowed her hair to grow out, the ends reaching her hips. Normally I’d be an advocate to try and convince somebody to cut hair of such length, but with Arianna, I’m actually all for keeping it.

I dare say this, but it makes her adorable to look at.

With her bright and warm personality, obviously attractive looks, and an energy that’s fun to be around, it would be no surprise to me if a man suddenly came up and tried to approach her. She’s certainly capable of attracting any male she wants.

Unfortunately for them, she’ll already be mine by the time that happens.

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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