100 Word Story – Death in Moonlight (Part Five)

The constant struggle of one’s life is the constant fight for their life. Whether it’s the search for the most luxurious of items to ease their pain, removing poison from a deadly creature to eat for sustenance, or on the literal brink of death from injury, a person’s life is always fighting for something.

In this case, these women were trapped in a horrific game where there was only one prize at the end. They would have to use every tactic they could, avoid any threats, and fight as they tried to escape with ultimate prize: their lives. The faintest slip of the finger, a single misstep, or making the slightest of noise would bring disaster upon them.

Will they be able to escape…?

Everything felt hazy, my body floating on top of something as my arms and legs dangled without a care. My eye lids were heavy as I struggled to open them, realizing I was being carried by somebody.

“Where am I…” I questioned, stuck in a haze.

However, I instantly woke up when a sharp, piercing pain went through my chest. My screams were as loud as ever, my body heating up as the pain went through my back and directly hitting my chest. I looked down and saw a rusty hook protruding outside of my chest.

I passed out again.

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Copyright © 2021 by Luka Tatsujo

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