Super Annoying Supervisor

With everything downstairs ready to go for the day I went through the underground hallway and headed for the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I felt around for the light switch and flipped it on, my eyes blinded by the sudden white light. Right ahead was the toilet. To my left was the sink and massive mirror. And within that mirror I saw my reflection, eyes stained with a ghastly yellow color and a devilish grin. I ignored it and went to use the toilet.

“You and I both know you’ve reached your limit with Carl. I mean, trying to knock yourself out just so you can avoid working with him? That’s a new one.”

“Drinking before work doesn’t help, I sober up too quickly. You going to give me any other advice to try, smart ass?”

“Always wipe once, front to back, before getting more toilet paper.”

I finish up with the toilet and head to the sink to wash my hands, “Real funny.”

I couldn’t lie to myself, I really have been trying to find different ways I could get out of working with Carl. There’s a unified idea among the staff that he is one of the most annoying people to be stuck on a shift with. From his random outbursts about how slow it is, to unwanted jokes about shoving bottles up his ass, and even questionable statements about what he’ll do for cash, Carl can make any calm and quiet work environment into an awkward one. Do you know what it’s like calling out to other co-workers and asking, “Has anybody seen this bottle?” And then Carl comes out of left field yelling, “It’s in my ass, come get it.”It’s not a fun time.

I leaned on the counter and kept the water running, watching the soapy suds and water funnel down into the drain. I let my hair down and stared, my thoughts slowly organizing and sorting out.

“I really, really, really, don’t want to work here anymore,” I sighed.

“Then quit.”

“I have bills to pay, and I don’t exactly have anything lined up at the moment.”

“Sounds like you problem.”

I lift my head up and stared at my reflection, “It’s more of an ‘us’ thing.”

My reflection shook its head, waving a finger, “I’m not worried about bills. The only thing I’m concerned about–”

“Yeah yeah, trying to make me go insane so you can fully posses my body.” I took a couple steps back and leaned on the bathroom wall, “Now wouldn’t be the first time you’ve told me.”

My reflection leaned forward on their counter, flashing fangs for teeth when it smiled, “And getting rid of Carl wouldn’t be the first time you used me for personal gains.”

I glared at my reflection, arms crossed when it brought up Carl and my “personal gains.” I’ve told her over and over again to never mention or reference any kind of time I had to use them for certain situations. Then again, I guess I was putting too much faith into a demon that took residence inside my mind. However, finally being rid of Carl would be a rather… exhilarating experience. I couldn’t let the demon find out about that though.

I focused on the mirror for a moment, seeing my reflection tilt her head to the side and giggle.

“Okay, I’m done here,” I announced, turning off the water faucet. I grabbed a handful of paper towels and dried my hands off.”

My reflection gasped when she saw me finishing up in the bathroom, “Are we going to finally get rid of that annoying Carl?”

“No, I’m going back to work.”

“What? But come on, you don’t even like your job.”

“Gotta make a living somehow.”

I flipped the light switch off and left the bathroom, heading up the set of stairs that lead to the front of the store. I went through the wooden white door that lead to the front counters, where the registers and extra bottles of liquor were. Bottles of tequila, rums, vodkas, and even gins were patiently placed on the bottle shelves behind the registers, awaiting for people to purchase them. I had a quick glance along the bottles, pointing out which ones I’ve had.

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