100 Word Story – Rush Hour (Part Four)

I really hate catching the late morning train for work. I memorized the arrival and departure times of the local station by my home, and I’ve seldom ever had issues with catching the train. However, I am human, and I do have my days where things are off. I missed the train today.

So now, I need to wait for a few minutes for the next arriving train. While the wait isn’t much of an issue, it’s the station that I’m in that’s the real problem.

The station was a hub for not only trains. Lowlifes, addicts, and runaways called this station home. Piss puddles were everywhere, discarded cigarette butts decorated the ground, and trash was thrown onto the train tracks. And even with the police standing guard upstairs, nothing was done.

May God save the person who decides to approach me…

I kept a hardened stare on the man as he stood in front of me and continued to verbally assault me. Not looking away, I slowly unzipped the side of my backpack and stuck my hand inside, touching a piece of cold metal.

Never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I’d be stuck in a train with a drug-filled homeless man during rush out.

As he continued to curse me out I grinned and mumbled, “Perfect timing.”

Without a single care, I took the pocket knife out from my bag and lunged towards the homeless man.

“Fuck you!”

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Copyright © 2022 by Luka Tatsujo

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