100 Word Story – A Housewife’s Tale (Part Four)

Marriage is one of the most dramatic changes a person can do that will forever affect the rest of their life. The idea of finding their “one true love” or a “soulmate” becomes a driving force desperate idiots use to find some kind of meaning in their boring lives. And once they find that person, have gone through the waves of emotional seduction, their eyes are no longer blinded by a fake sense of romance and heated passion.

Unfortunately for Helena, she was one of those idiots.

She fell for the suave advances of her husband, Markus. He knew exactly the right things to say, the right things to do at the right moment, and had swept Helena off of her feet. She offered to bear his children, polish his shoes before he left for work, and even was willing to experiment in the bedroom on a whim.

But one day, that magical spark of romance grounded and died.

A chilled, nightly breeze crept through the bedroom window. The bedroom dimmer switch was set to its lowest, the ceiling light barely illuminating the two bodies coiled up in the bedroom.

The warmth from Markus’ large hands, traveling up and down Helena’s nude torso, kept the cold wind at bay. However, while Markus saw the moment as a sensual meeting of lovers, Helena was eager for it to end.

Losing himself in the moment, Markus wrapped his arms around Helena’s waist and rolled her over, making her mount his waist.

Towering over, Helena saw his exposed neck.

“Sexy,” she mumbled.

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Copyright © 2022 by Luka Tatsujo

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