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Bus Ride Home

Hey, everybody. I did my usual of looking up the Word of the Day on Merriam-Webster before starting on some projects, and my brain pushed this one out. It’s not as long as the typical stories, but it was just a quick burst I needed to get out. I may come back to it in the future for something extended.

Today’s Word of the Day for April 6th 2021 from Merriam-Webster is Hoosegow. Enjoy!

The bus ride was rickety the entire time, making me feel like I was back in grade school on a field trip. No matter where I sat on the bus, I was bouncing in my seat, swaying from side to side as it made sharp turns and abrupt stops. Whenever I closed my eyes to try and forget where I was for even just a brief moment, my memories would play back to my grade six field trip to the city aquarium; the bus ride was really the only enjoyable part.

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