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Bus Ride Home

Hey, everybody. I did my usual of looking up the Word of the Day on Merriam-Webster before starting on some projects, and my brain pushed this one out. It’s not as long as the typical stories, but it was just a quick burst I needed to get out. I may come back to it in the future for something extended.

Today’s Word of the Day for April 6th 2021 from Merriam-Webster is Hoosegow. Enjoy!

The bus ride was rickety the entire time, making me feel like I was back in grade school on a field trip. No matter where I sat on the bus, I was bouncing in my seat, swaying from side to side as it made sharp turns and abrupt stops. Whenever I closed my eyes to try and forget where I was for even just a brief moment, my memories would play back to my grade six field trip to the city aquarium; the bus ride was really the only enjoyable part.

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The Arrow and A Mage

Hey there, everybody. Before I got to work on some stuff today, I wanted to do a little warm up to get the creative juices going. I decided to go back onto Merriam-Webster to get the Word of the Day for March 25th 2021. Today’s Word of the Day is Hobbit. I hope you enjoy!

We expected to be under attack when we planned to venture through the forest, especially since we were deep within enemy territory. Just from walking through for a few minutes, the trained eye could easily identify perfect ambush openings and blind spots. The wide array of green shrubbery, old and new roots and trees growing toward the sun, and the calls, cries, and cawing of the hundreds of animals dwelling in the forest was a true sight of nature. Too bad we didn’t have time to go sight-seeing.

“Will, see anything?”

“Nothing on my end,” Wilheim calmly replied. “Keeping the bow out just in case.”

Just like him, I kept myself ready should we encounter the enemy, my hand resting on the hilt of my sword. “I don’t blame you. Just keep moving, the stronghold shouldn’t be too far out.”

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Lost in History

T’was midnight when a lone Luka sat awake in the dark comforts of the bedroom, staring blankly at the computer monitor with a freshly opened word document. The cold breeze from the poorly installed air conditioner unit seeped into the room, sending unwanted chills up and down Luka’s spine. Shivering and legs bouncing from an unnerving anxiousness to try and produce some kind of work for the day, Luka endured the cold and went to Google, the starting point for a journey of ideas.

The search bar was empty, awaiting for some kind of input to put Luka down the right path. An empty head plagued Luka, nothing new coming to the front. In a random fit to look for inspiration, Luka’s fingers moved on their own across the blue-lit keyboard. These are the results…

I ended up looking up the Word of the Day for January 22nd, 2021 on Merriam-Webster again. After an hour and a half of writing, half of which was devoted to light research just to make sure something in this story was somehow accurate, this is what I came up with.

Today’s Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster is Sarcophagus.

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