Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 3. An Approaching Enemy

The two enemy ninjas take a glance around the area, but don’t notice Ayame at the corner. They begin talking about their purpose.

“Remember, our main objective is to just scout for information. Everything else comes second.”

“What about Gohda’s shadows? It’s possible that we’ll encounter them.”

“Keep your guard up. Battling isn’t a priority right now. However, if you’re able to sneak up and get the drop on them, use it to your advantage. Three more ninja are coming from a neighboring town, so we’ll discuss another plan once they arrive.”

As the ninjas continue their briefing, a gleam flashes between them; a shuriken flew between them, striking the further one directly in the middle of his forehead, an instant kill. The remaining ninja draws his ninjato and turns around to defend himself, and is assaulted by a violent roundhouse kick to his head. The impact slams him right into the wall, sending him into a daze. Before he can regain his composure, a kodachi plunges into his neck.

Successfully taking out the ninjas, Ayame removes her kodachi from the neck of the ninja on the wall and sheathes it. She then dislodges the shuriken from the other one, looking at the bodies; she puts her hand on her hips.

“Three more coming, huh? Looks like tonight’s gonna be a long night for me.”

Scaling the wall and crouching down on top, Ayame slowly surveys the town. From left to right, top to bottom, she doesn’t see any suspicious activity or shadows moving around. However, knowing that more ninjas are expected to arrive, Ayame can’t drop her guard for even a moment. She leaps from atop the wall and travels across a few rooftops, allowing her to view different angles and blind spots of the town. In the furthest corner of the town, a figure drops down from on top of the wall and into the town. It then begins to travel along the ground by foot, stealthily avoiding the moonlight. Ayame dashes across the rooftops to follow.

Passing a few homes, the figure notices a small open area; it seems to used for some kind of gardening. Deeming it safe, the figure walks through, being exposed by the moonlight overhead; it’s another ninjas, wearing the same outfit like the two from before. The ninja walks through the area, their feet stepping on patches of grass. Noticing a small shed, they walk over to it and slowly push open the door.

“Let’s see where they keep a weapon storage.”

The ninja walks into the shed; just enough light is shining from the door, allowing him to see various tools and supplies used for gardening. He continues searching for any trace of weapons for a moment before stepping back outside. He looks around to see which direction to search in next, but then a massive weight drops down on him from above.

Landing on top of the enemy ninja, Ayame jumps down off of the roof from the house by the shed. Using her leg strength, she puts the ninja’s head in a leg lock. He tries to shake Ayame off, but only makes it easier for her to kill him. Ayame twists her hips, forcing his head to turn and snap far to one side, breaking his neck. She then does a back-flip off his shoulder, pushing him to the ground.

She closes the door to the shed, “You know, trespassing is a punishable offense.”

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