Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 3. An Approaching Enemy

“How many ninjas did you see tonight?”

“Five. Three just outside of the town, two on the inside. I found one chasing after a woman. The woman escaped without any injuries.”

“I see. You also tried to interrogate the last one you came across?”

“Yeah. He wouldn’t speak. The only thing I found out of the ordinary was the note found one of the bodies.”

Gohda does a small nod. He looks down at the note placed on the floor in front of him, lightly stoking his chin hair. “We know for sure that this can’t be the work of Mei-Oh or Tenrai. After the last incidents we know they can’t return.”

Rikimaru then puts in more information about previous events, “And I haven’t seen any sightings of Onikage as well. If it was Mei-Oh or Tenrai, somebody would have shown themselves by now, most likely while Ayame or I were on a mission.

“That holds true as well.” Gohda thinks for a moment before continuing, “Recently, there’s been word going around of an upcoming lord taking over towns and villages in an attempt at a nationwide war campaign. It’s highly possible that these ninjas were here to gather information on our army and defenses.”

The room falls silent again. Rikimaru and Ayame look at each other, then bring their attention back to Gohda.

“I will send a handful of ninja out to gather information regarding this. In the meantime, I want you two to stay close in case more come back. Once we have more clues to go on, I’ll have you both go out to confirm this.”

Rikimaru bows his head, “Yes, Sir.”

Ayame gives a slight nod.

Gohda puts his hands together and focuses on the note, “If somebody plans to go to war with us, we will have to attack from the shadows to prevent it from happening.”

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