Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 3. An Approaching Enemy

She stops to think for a moment, but is interrupted by the loud cry of a cat hissing. She looks towards the front gate and can see the cat from earlier; it’s perched up, it’s back arched high in the air as if trying to scare something off. It then starts to back up. The last ninja has arrived and is trying to quiet the cat. Ayame takes the opportunity and jumps down from the roof and dashes through the front gate. She kicks the ninja to the ground draws her kodachi, pressing them directly on his neck as a method to keep him pinned. She proceeds to start a quick interrogation.

“What’s a ninja like you doing here? I already killed a few of your friends and right now, I want answers.”

The enemy ninja tries to move, but Ayame has him positioned so he couldn’t even escape. Based on the fact of he was easily detected by a cat, Ayame can tell that this is a novice ninja she’s dealing with. She presses the blades harder against his neck and draws blood. He begins to speak.

“I don’t have to tell you anything.”

Anger begins to run through Ayame’s veins. She grips the hilts of her kodachi even tighter.

“I’m really not in a good mood right now. Let’s make this quick and tell me who sent you.”

“You’ll never answer to a dog like you. You’re nothing but a rabid dog of Gohda who needs to be put down!”

Realizing she won’t get any answers talking to him, Ayame cuts clean through the ninja’s neck and backs up; blood leaks from the cutting point.

“I need to get to Gohda. He needs to know about this.”

* * * * *

The clouds has left, giving way to a clear sky filled with the moon and stars. Inside of a large room, the walls are aligned with small lit candles, lighting up the room. One side is a large open window with a small walk on terrace overlooking one side of the town. The only way that leads to the room is a highly detailed, and hidden sliding door that connects to a long hallway. At the back of the room, there is a man, sitting with his legs crossed and a perfect posture.

His clothing has simple colors, with a solid dark blue yukata and golden yellow hakama underneath. The sleeveless jacket his a brighter yellow with a dark orange lining. The wrinkles around his eyes are not from a lack of sleep, but show a sign of his maturity and overcoming dangerous situations throughout his life. Eyes closed and arms resting at his side, Lord Matsunoshin Gohda is trying to process the new information given to him.

A few feet away, Rikimaru is knelled down on one knee, watching Gohda. Leaning back on the wall next to the window, Ayame is watching as well with her arms crossed. After a brief moment of pure silence, Gohda opens his eyes and begins to speak, mainly aiming his conversation to Ayame.

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